Unavoidably, we are all part of the climate problem. We need to be part of the solution.

In almost everything we do – because of our energy-intensive economy and lives – we are adding extra weight to the greenhouse gas layer around the Earth, storing more heat and energy in the climate system, causing disruption and difficulty for us and for others now and into the future.

The upside to being part of the problem though, is that we have a very direct capacity (and, of course, responsibility) to be part of the solution.

Use these resources to make a commitment to substantially reduce your contribution to the problem. Join with others to harness the power of many.

My commitment: Over the next 12 months, I will reduce my contribution (or my church, school or group’s contribution) to the disruption of a safe and stable climate system by substantially reducing my greenhouse gas emissions. (Sign the full Hope For Creation pledge).

I have been puzzled most of my life by this contradiction: How can one believe deeply in God and yet be so cavalier about God’s creation?
              Bill McKibben (20th Century)


Hold a Hope for Creation Event with your church or group

Everything you need for a service of prayer, learning, reflection and action is available for free download and order here.

Tell Your Super Fund to Ditch Fossil Fuels

Are you accidentally investing in climate change? Hundreds of thousands of Australians, through their superannuation or investment funds, are!  Over 55% of mandatory pension contributions are invested in high-risk, high-carbon assets with less than 2% being invested in low-carbon assets.

vitalfewIt’s time to take control of your savings and invest your money according to your values, and your concern for God’s creation.

is a brilliant online tool which allows you to select your super fund’s name and automatically generate a letter asking them to inform you about how they are investing your money and what measures they have taken in light of the risks posed by climate change.

is an online resource developed by the Hope For Creation, an independent not-for-profit global organisation whose objective is to protect superannuation and pension fund members’ retirement savings from risks posed by climate change.

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 Other Action Resources Coming Soon