Hope for Creation Church Service

Join the movement by holding a special Hope For Creation event in your church.

On the day:

  1. Show the Hope For Creation video (available for download here)
  2. Reflect on care for creation, climate change and the poor in your service, sermons and Bible studies
  3. Pray for creation and the vulnerable poor
  4. Share lunch, or celebrate communion, in a park or the bush, along with the whole community of creation

The free Hope for Creation bookmarks and posters are available to order here, with free postage. (If you are able to make a donation to help cover the cost of postage, please contribute $5 (covers postage) or $10 (covers postage and cost of producing the posters) to .)

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Book a Hope for Creation speaker for your event

Hope for Creation facilitators are informed, experienced, engaging speakers who can speak, teach, preach and run workshops for your church, school or group. Check our Speakers page for details of our speakers or book a speaker by calling (02) 9356 8500 or emailing admin@hopeforcreation.com.au

Download the Hope for Creation Presentation

Our core PowerPoint presentation is a general introduction to care for creation and Christian concern about climate change that is suitable for most churches.

Microsoft-PowerPoint-02-128 Hope for Creation Presentation PowerPoint (18MB)

For additional presentations, visit our presentations page.

Prayers and Liturgies
Adobe-Acrobat-128Liturgy of Hospitality

Adobe-Acrobat-128Responsive Prayer

Adobe-Acrobat-128 Prayer Tree

Adobe-Acrobat-128 Church & Creation – a compendium of creation care quotes from church history

Sermons and Bible Studies
Adobe-Acrobat-128Sermon Outlines

Adobe-Acrobat-128The Cross & Climate Change (7 short Bible studies)