Learning and awareness-raising tools for individuals, families, youth groups, Bible study groups & churches.

Please take one or more of the resources available here to learn more about climate impacts, how people are affected and how communities are responding.

Then use these resources as conversation-starters, awareness-raisers, or study guides in your own family, school, church or group.

My commitment: In the next 12 months, I will use at least one of these resources to share about climate change in my family, school, church or group. (Take the full pledge)

Book a Hope for Creation speaker

Hope for Creation facilitators are informed, experienced, engaging speakers who can speak, teach, preach and run workshops for your church, school or group. Check our Speakers page for details of our speakers or book a speaker by calling (02) 9356 8500 or emailing admin@hopeforcreation.com.au

 PowerPoint Presentations

Download all our PowerPoint presentations here

Bible Studies

Adobe-Acrobat-128The Cross & Climate Change (7 short Bible studies)

Adobe-Acrobat-128Bible Study 1: How Green Is My Bible?

Adobe-Acrobat-128Bible Study 2: Striving For Truth

Adobe-Acrobat-128Bible Study 3: Living Justly

Adobe-Acrobat-128Bible Study 4: Living in Hope

Learn more about Christian Response to Climate Change

Adobe-Acrobat-128 Download Church & Creation – a compendium of creation care quotes from church history

Learn about Communities of Struggle & Hope

Adobe-Acrobat-128Download Between Health & Hunger: A Case Study of Climate Change in Nepal

Watch Hope For Creation Bangladesh.