Make prayer for those affected by climate change a regular feature of your individual and group prayer.

Use these resources to pray and reflect invite others to pray in hope for creation.

Nature has poured forth all things for all men for common use. God has ordered all things to be produced, so that there should be food in common to all, and that the earth should be a common possession for all. Nature, therefore, has produced a common right for all, but greed has made it a right for a few.
                     Ambrose of Milan (4th Century)


My commitment: Over the next 12 months, I will pray regularly and invite others to pray for the healing of creation, for the protection of those most vulnerable to the effects of climate change, and for wisdom and action from our leaders in their response to the environmental challenges of our time. (Take the full pledge)
Prayers and Liturgies

Adobe-Acrobat-128Liturgy of Hospitality

Adobe-Acrobat-128Responsive Prayer

Adobe-Acrobat-128 Prayer Tree