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2015 is a critical year for climate action. In December, world leaders will gather in Paris for climate change negotiations that will lay out country plans for cutting greenhouse gas emissions and supporting developing countries in their efforts to cut emissions and adapt to dangerous climate change.

Successful negotiations will help steer the world towards a zero-emissions future and a safer climate for all.

Failure in Paris – along with digging up and burning coal, oil and gas at current rates – will lead us towards an unprecedented 4°C warmer world and potentially catastrophic impacts on communities, countries and creation.

Please sign an open letter to the Prime Minister. A gathering of church leaders will present this petition to the Prime Minister in September. Please lend your voice to this call.

Sign the petition below. Or download a Adobe-Acrobat-128 PDF petition of the letter for others to sign.

Letter to Prime Minister

Dear Prime Minister,

We write to express our hope that Australia will do all it can to ensure that the Paris climate change conference in December achieves an agreement that will keep global temperature rise below 2°C.

As leaders and members of Christian faith communities we receive the Earth as a gift from our Creator and believe we are entrusted to care for it in such a way that all life is able to flourish. Climate change represents a serious threat to human security and flourishing, threatens many species and habitats, and poses risks and harms particularly to the world’s poorest people.

We believe that Australia’s ambitions must be far greater than the current commitment to reduce emissions by 5% on 2000 levels by the year 2020. This will be a challenging task, but the longer we delay the more difficult it becomes.

We urge the Government to go to the Paris conference with a commitment to Australia doing its fair share to avoid dangerous climate change. This should include ambitious targets to reduce our own emissions as well as just and generous support for the adaptation and mitigation efforts of the world’s poorest nations.

Our commitment should be equitable and ambitious and built on a clear plan to achieve our targets and play our part in achieving a zero-emissions economy globally before 2100.

We hope and pray to see Australia acting as a climate leader at the Paris conference and offer our prayers and support for these efforts.


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