Human Security

Tell the Defence Minister and local media that climate change threatens human security and call for more ambitious action

climate_mapGlobal warming, and the disruption it causes to our climate system, is affecting all of God’s creation and particularly the lives and livelihoods of the poorest and most vulnerable people – women and men made in the image of God. For this reason, Christians cannot stand by while Creation and other people suffer harm from a warming world and a disrupted climate system.

We must urgently seek to change the conversation about climate change. We must move from silence or shrill argument to gracious speech – and contribute to a public conversation that is honest about the risks and impacts of climate change, but oriented towards hope and urgent action.

The following toolkit provides all the information you need to call on politicians and the community to step up as climate leaders.

There’s a letter writing and local media guide inside. To help with motivation and to increase the impact, why not form a group to meet for two hours together to write letters to politicians and to local media.

Adobe-Acrobat-128Climate Change & Human Security Advocacy Kit

Please also share these images on social media. Let people know that climate change isn’t only an “environmental” issue, but an issue that affects everyone.

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Email your MP about the human security risks of climate change